Wall Portrait Silhouette 30cm


Give your interior that extra personal touch. With these personal silhouettes of your loved one on the wall. A moment in time becomes timeless. The family connection is clearly visible through the silhouette design.The transparent character of the material makes the whole light and airy. And because of the changing light, the silhouettes always have a different shadow and light effect. A beautiful personal addition to any interior.

Each portrait is made with care and attention to get the most out of the features of each and every member of the family.

Material in example: Acrylic 3mm thickness, fluorescent orange transparent.

Height 30 cm

Including suspension / spacer

Prices excluding VAT

✔️ Material: 3mm Acrylic Transparent
✔️ Other colors possible
✔️ Other materials possible
✔️ Custom Made Design

For more information mail to art@rijk.shop